Favorite Incense Blend?


Bath Salts?

K2 is out, and Bath Salts are in!

Bath Salts is a kind of synthetic substance sold legally under the guise 'bath salts' or 'plant food'.  It is basically REsearch Chemicals which give users a 'high', some are comparable to cocaine or stronger amphetamines.   However the most common misconception is that they are all similar;  that is

There are over 5000 different research compounds and more every day.  Some are like cocaine, some like ketamine, (Methoxetamine) , some make you trip like Mushrooms (the chemical 4-aco-dmt turns into Psilocin in your body, same way that Psilocybin Mushrooms (magic mushrooms) do, so it is a near spot-on trip)

Bath Salts are causing people to do all sorts of crazy shit like turn into cannibals, it's pretty gnar.

Leave a comment if you have experienced someone under the effects of bath salts!!!!!

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