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New K2 Blends Of Late 2012

The following blends are currently legal in the US (but may not be for long!) be sure to stock up while you can still purchase these herbal incense blends. Buzz Mr. Nice guy Raw Barely Legal Raw ZeroChem Bali Diesel Stay tuned for more updates!


The New K2 Active Chemical

With all the recent bans on the big player Cannabinoid Research Chemicals such as AM-2201, MAM-2201, 5fur144, the JWH-182 and other JWH family chemicals, the AKBs,   AMs, all of them are getting locally banned on a region/state level.  So what will be the new active ingredient in K2 Incense blends that will be fully legal in the USA?

I'll give you a hint.  Pretty much all states (and soon the entire country) have outlawed and controlled ANY substance which  antagonizes the peripheral cannabinoid receptor CB1 - this means pretty much EVERY cannabinoid currently coming into the US, be it any relative the 5f family or AKB, AM/MAM/EAM, JWH or anything else that hits the CB1 receptor is, or will soon be ILLEGAL.

This is going to be a big blow to all incense manufacturers/distributors whether they choose to continue using the old actives, or begin looking for a new, legal cannabinoid - which only antagonizes the peripheral cannabinoid receptor - because there is currently very few chemicals which meet the new requirements!  Most of the new Research Chemicals antagonize CB1 & CB2 receptors... meaning they will possibly all be illegal/scheduled very soon!  

Which Cannibinoids Are Still Legal In 2012?

Recently there has been a large influx of new legislation targetting synthetic substances like K2 "Herbal Incense" and bath salts/plant food powders.

The question on everybodys mind still remains the same;

Is It Legal?

The answer?  It might be.   If you have been following the legislation trends at all, you would know that back in 2011 the first round of federal bans were put into effect, effectively banning 5 active ingredients in herbal spice blends (jwh-018 being the main one).  This made the following brands/blends illegal under federal law:

K2 Summit
K2 Blonde
K2 Standard
Mr. Nice Guy
Mr. Nice Guy Panic
Spike 99 (original)
Among many more.  This happened in Dec. 2011 and would be the first of many bans on synthetic drugs/substances.  



K2 Herb

K2 the brand, as far as incense/spice blends go, is basically off the map as of Late 2012. Popular blends in stores (in California at least) are Mister Nice Guy and Blazing Giraffe Blend. Now accepting all SPICE/K2 HERB REVIEWS, submit yours today!