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The New K2 Active Chemical

With all the recent bans on the big player Cannabinoid Research Chemicals such as AM-2201, MAM-2201, 5fur144, the JWH-182 and other JWH family chemicals, the AKBs,   AMs, all of them are getting locally banned on a region/state level.  So what will be the new active ingredient in K2 Incense blends that will be fully legal in the USA?

I'll give you a hint.  Pretty much all states (and soon the entire country) have outlawed and controlled ANY substance which  antagonizes the peripheral cannabinoid receptor CB1 - this means pretty much EVERY cannabinoid currently coming into the US, be it any relative the 5f family or AKB, AM/MAM/EAM, JWH or anything else that hits the CB1 receptor is, or will soon be ILLEGAL.

This is going to be a big blow to all incense manufacturers/distributors whether they choose to continue using the old actives, or begin looking for a new, legal cannabinoid - which only antagonizes the peripheral cannabinoid receptor - because there is currently very few chemicals which meet the new requirements!  Most of the new Research Chemicals antagonize CB1 & CB2 receptors... meaning they will possibly all be illegal/scheduled very soon!  


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