Favorite Incense Blend?


Which Cannibinoids Are Still Legal In 2012?

Recently there has been a large influx of new legislation targetting synthetic substances like K2 "Herbal Incense" and bath salts/plant food powders.

The question on everybodys mind still remains the same;

Is It Legal?

The answer?  It might be.   If you have been following the legislation trends at all, you would know that back in 2011 the first round of federal bans were put into effect, effectively banning 5 active ingredients in herbal spice blends (jwh-018 being the main one).  This made the following brands/blends illegal under federal law:

K2 Summit
K2 Blonde
K2 Standard
Mr. Nice Guy
Mr. Nice Guy Panic
Spike 99 (original)
Among many more.  This happened in Dec. 2011 and would be the first of many bans on synthetic drugs/substances.  



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